Legacy Sales, Inc

   We Broker these products.....                

                                Wine, Spirits and Waters

Our List of Reference

Servicing 42 suppliers, representing over 450 products, through 28 Distributors, In 6 states                                                                              

Wine                                                               Waters
•         USA- California Vineyards and Wineries                                   Netherlands, Traditional H20

•         USA- West Coast Vineyards and Wineries                                 Netherlands, Sparkling H20

•         France Vineyards and Wineries                                                                                              

•         Italy Vineyards and Wineries

•         New Zealand & Australia Vineyards and Wineries

•         Argentina & Chili Vineyards and Wineries

•         Mexico Vineyards and Wineries

•         USA Suppliers Delegates Portfolios

•         European Suppliers Delegates portfolios


•         USA Traditional Spirits*

•         USA Flavored Spirits*

•         France Traditional & Flavored Spirits*

•         Italy Traditional & Flavored Spirits*

•         Mexico Sotol & Tequilas

•         USA Suppliers Delegates portfolios

•         European Suppliers Delegates portfolios

       Spirits*- Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Bourbon, Brandy, Cognac





What We Do for Our Clients

Initial Market audit

•         Evaluate Pricing and Market Position

•         Off Premise – everyday/program pricing levels by segment

•         On Premise – Wine List and BTG pricing

•         Evaluate Program Calendar including Street Time

•         Establish Distribution, Display, Shelving Standards

•         Establish Wine List and BTG standards

•         Pricing and Programming review - Brand/Regional Mgr

•         Strategy proposed to winery

•         Confirm Winery approval including

•         Sales and depletion goals with monthly tracking

•         Brand Standards

•         Program Calendar

•         Promotional Budgets

•         Sales Support: POS, Winery Travel

About Us

Our Sales Team and Coverage Area

    Craig Pierce II-President & CEO

         People, Pricing, Programming, Planning, Reviews

         Shipments to support depletions

         Atlanta - Chain and Independent Retail

         Eastern Tennessee – Chattanooga, Knoxville

  Brian Smith – Regional Manager

         Pricing, Programming, Planning, Reviews 

         Western Tennessee – Nashville, Memphis

         KY-statewide, Alabama- statewide

      Margaret Duncan – Office Services

              Sales Support

              Depletions Reports

              Tours and Tastings/Hospitality

              Point of Sale Requests

              Distributor Chargebacks

         Accounts Receivable



              File Maintenance 



Our Distributors

How we work with Distributor Management

Currently providing service to 28 distributers in 6 states


•         Pricing and Programming presentation at Division level

•         Follow through with Director of Pricing and Programming

•         Programming Calendar executed at Division Manager level

•         Monitor depletions and inventory requirements for both flow business and program periods with Purchasing Department

•         Periodic market surveys with Division Mangers, Assistant Division Managers, and FSM’s to reinforce distribution, display, shelving, merchandising standards

•         Distributor business reviews at Division level including

•         Depletions vs. Plan and LY

•         Distribution, Accounts Sold penetration

•         Nielsen data review

•         Special  Opportunities

How we work with Distributor Sales teams


•         Positive, impactful sales meetings by Division

•         “Wine Time” educational presentations

•         Plan and execute Crew Drives and Pre-sales

•         Up to (2) Legacy Sales, Inc. participants

•         Work with FSM’s and Key Sales Reps targeted by Brand

•         Craig Pierce and Brian Smith have Gallo background

•         “Lead from the Front”

•         Visibility

•         Key Account Relationships

Support the Sales Rep in the Account