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                                Wine, Spirits and Waters


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What We Do for Our Clients

Initial Market audit

         Evaluate Pricing and Market Position

         Off Premise – everyday/program pricing levels by segment

         On Premise – Wine List and BTG pricing

         Evaluate Program Calendar including Street Time

         Establish Distribution, Display, Shelving Standards

         Establish Wine List and BTG standards

         Pricing and Programming review - Brand/Regional Mgr

         Strategy proposed to winery

         Confirm Winery approval including

         Sales and depletion goals with monthly tracking

         Brand Standards

         Program Calendar

         Promotional Budgets

         Sales Support: POS, Winery Travel

About Us

Our Sales Team and Coverage Area

    Craig Pierce II-President & CEO

         People, Pricing, Programming, Planning, Reviews

         Shipments to support depletions

         Atlanta - Chain and Independent Retail

         Eastern TennesseeChattanooga, Knoxville

  Brian Smith – Regional Manager

         Pricing, Programming, Planning, Reviews 

         Western TennesseeNashville, Memphis

         KY-statewide, Alabama- statewide

      Margaret Duncan – Office Services

              Sales Support

              Depletions Reports

              Tours and Tastings/Hospitality

              Point of Sale Requests

              Distributor Chargebacks

         Accounts Receivable



              File Maintenance 



Our Distributors

How we work with Distributor Management

Currently providing service to 28 distributers in 6 states


         Pricing and Programming presentation at Division level

         Follow through with Director of Pricing and Programming

         Programming Calendar executed at Division Manager level

         Monitor depletions and inventory requirements for both flow business and program periods with Purchasing Department

         Periodic market surveys with Division Mangers, Assistant Division Managers, and FSM’s to reinforce distribution, display, shelving, merchandising standards

         Distributor business reviews at Division level including

         Depletions vs. Plan and LY

         Distribution, Accounts Sold penetration

         Nielsen data review

         Special  Opportunities

How we work with Distributor Sales teams


         Positive, impactful sales meetings by Division

         “Wine Time” educational presentations

         Plan and execute Crew Drives and Pre-sales

         Up to (2) Legacy Sales, Inc. participants

         Work with FSM’s and Key Sales Reps targeted by Brand

         Craig Pierce and Brian Smith have Gallo background

         “Lead from the Front”


         Key Account Relationships

Support the Sales Rep in the Account